As the SYMS School of Business enters its 25th year, it will be adding a significant new program to its offerings – an Executive MBA program suitable for the Orthodox Jewish community and others with Saturday commitments. The EMBA program, developed by the Center for Executive and Professional Education of SYMS School of Business, will welcome its first class in fall 2012.  Classes will be held at YU’s Beren Campus – 215 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan – over 14 Sundays each semester and one Friday per month, with Friday classes ending well before Shabbat. The program consists of 48 credits and includes three residencies: a 2½ day residency in New York and two 8-10 day international residencies, the first in Israel in the first year of the program and the second in an emerging market, such as China, in the second year. Students can complete the EMBA program in 22 months.
Professor Steven Nissenfeld, clinical professor of management at SYMS, and director of the EMBA program said, “To my knowledge, this is the only Sunday-based MBA program available to people who have wanted to pursue an executive MBA but only have limited time slots available,” said Professor Nissenfeld. He said he expects the first graduating class of the program to be composed of about 20 students.

Professor Michael Strauss, associate director of SYMS, said that the ideal candidate will have a minimum of seven years of experience in the business world with some managerial experience. “The EMBA program is perfect for those on the fast track at their companies and looking for positions in senior management,” Strauss remarked, who will teach ‘Entrepreneurship and the Management of Change’ in the new graduate program. Other courses offered will include ‘Financial Reporting and Analysis’; ‘Leadership in the Global Marketplace’; ‘Managerial Economics’; and ‘Ethical and Legal Environment of Business’, among the broad range of courses to be offered.

The program will also include a leadership forum in which top executives from major corporations and leading entrepreneurs will speak to students about their experiences and share their insights.

“Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever before, given the economic recession and current global marketplace,” said Nissenfeld. “Managers are dealing with tougher challenges than they ever had to deal with, and for people to be successful leaders, they have to upgrade their skills to master those challenges. The Executive MBA differentiates someone in this marketplace as someone who has those skills and capabilities.”

Visit the EMBA website at for additional information and to apply or save the date for the EMBA open house set to occur on Sunday, December 18 on the Beren Campus.

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