cloud-startupYU Alumni currently manages professional networking groups for alumni on Wall Street, in real estate, accounting, financial planning, and law.  Next up: Startups! Owing to the booming scene of tech-related and other innovative ventures, alumni involved in the startup scene as investors, founders, employees, or developers will soon have a professional networking group geared toward their interests and needs.

Leading the formation of the new group are Dave Weinberg ’05YC, CEO and co-founder of Pinbooster, and Zach Abramowitz ’05YC, CEO of ReplyAll. Weinberg and Abramowitz, both dedicated alumni and serial social entrepreneurs, hope to schedule events to bring together like-minded peers for networking opportunities and educational programming.

“In the past few years there has been a significant uptick in alumni and friends of YU participating in the startup scene, whether as new angel investors or by taking the leap and founding their own startups,” said Weinberg. “There is so much we can learn from other and help each other avoid some of the pitfalls that are typically associated with starting out.”

The first event will take place in Manhattan in February or March. Register to join the group and receive emails. More details on the event and the group are forthcoming.




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