The most recent issue of Law and Contemporary Problems is devoted to “Theological Argument in Law: Engaging with Stanley Hauerwas.” This issue, framed around the work of influential theologian Stanley Hauerwas, will be of great interest to students of law and theology. Here’s the table of contents:

John D. Inanzu, “Foreword”

W. Bradley Wendel, “Lawyering in the Christian Colony: Some Hauerwasian Themes, Reflections, and Questions”

Elizabeth R. Schiltz, “Hauerwas and Disability Law: Exposing the Cracks in the Foundations of Disability Law”

Michael P. Moreland, “Mistakes About Intention in the Law of Bioethics”

Charlton C. Copeland, “Creation Stories: Stanley Hauerwas, Same-Sex Marriage, and Narrative in Law and Theology”

David A. Skeel, Jr., “Hauerwasian Christian Legal Theory”

Cathleen Kaveny, “Hauerwas and the Law: Framing a Productive Conversation”

Stephen Macedo, “Hauerwas, Liberalism, and Public Reason: Terms of Engagement?”

John D. Inanzu, “The Limits of Integrity”

Stephen L. Carter, “Must Liberalism Be Violent? A Reflection on the Work of Stanley Hauerwas”

H. Jefferson Powell and Stanley Hauerwas, “A Dialogue Between a Theologian and a Lawyer”

Stanley Hauerwas, “Hauerwas on ‘Hauerwas and the Law’: Trying to Have Something to Say”


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