The current issue of the Erasmus Law Review (Erasmus University Rotterdam) is devoted to a symposium on “Religion in the 21st Century: Debating the Post-Secular Turn.” Here’s the table of contents; all articles are available in full-text:

Wouter de Been and Sanne Taekema, “Religion in the 21st Century: Debating the Post-Secular Turn”

Veit Bader, “Post-Secularism or Liberal-Democratic Constitutionalism?”

Markha Valenta, “Pluralist Democracy or Scientistic Monocracy? Debating Ritual Slaughter”

Ann-Sophie Vandenberge, “Regulating the Relationship between State and Religion: An Economic Approach”

Kristin Henrard, “Duties of Reasonable Accommodation in Relation to Religion and the European Court of Human Rights: A Closer Look at the Prohibition of Discrimination, the Freedom of Religion and Related Duties of State Neutrality”

Marlies Galenkamp, “Locke and Bayle on Religious Toleration”



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