Avishalom Westreich has just published Talmud-Based Solutions to the Problem of the Agunah, the latest book to appear from the Agunah Research Unit. Here’s the table of contents (chapter four can be downloaded here):


Chapter One: The Rebellious Wife (Moredet): A Talmudic Source for Unilateral Divorce?

Chapter Two: Ketubbah Stipulations and the Rebellious Wife in the Palestinian Tradition

Chapter Three: Palestinian Ketubbah Stipulations and the Geonic Moredet

Chapter Four: Marriage Annulment: From Mishnah to Talmud

Chapter Five: Marriage Annulment in Post-Talmudic Times

Chapter Six: Hafka‘at Kiddushin in Practice

Chapter Seven: Mistaken Marriage, Conditional Marriage: The Talmudic Basis of an Innovative Approach

Chapter Eight: From Theory to Practice: Will and Ability

Chapter Nine: Who is an Agunah?





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