Dr. Lynn Kaye, alumna of the CJL Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Law & Interdisciplinary Studies and now Assistant Professor of Rabbinics at HUC, is currently preparing a course on “The Matrix of Law and Literature in Jewish Texts” that she’ll be teaching at USC. Here’s the course description:

This course examines legal and literary texts and their points of contact within the Jewish canon ranging from the Bible to modern fiction. Students will be introduced to the interplay between the hermeneutics of literary and cultural criticism and legal textual interpretation. Special attention will be given to recent legal and literary scholarship which analyzes the roles of narrative and figurative language in legal interpretation, as well as legal scholarship that reaches beyond the confines of the traditional legal canon to examine literary accounts of trials or the invocation of judicial motifs in literature. Through this multidisciplinary lens, students will develop a greater appreciation of the richness of Jewish legal and imaginative literature as well as an understanding of the complex relationships that exist between texts and between differing interpretive practices.

Lynn’s syllabus for this innovative course can be accessed here; please contact her with all critical feedback!


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