by Yosef Lemel (’17)


On Tuesday night, the MTA debate team went to Rambam for a joint experienced/novice debate. The resolution was: “The United States should tax caffeine.” That resolution may sound radical; however, the side arguing for the resolution is allowed to limit the tax to certain products. For example, both affirmative teams proposed limiting the tax to items with very high amounts of caffeine, like certain energy drinks. Long-term use of high amounts of caffeine can potentially be harmful to one’s body. The negative team argued from the standpoint of personal responsibility. According to those against the resolution, a person should be able to choose what he drinks without the government interfering, albeit the potential personal risk.

After the debate, the results were announced and MTA was dominant. We earned the overall 1st place school award. In addition, we won four awards in the individual and team categories. In the individual category, Yosef Lemel (’17) won the overall best debater and Noam Mayerfeld (’19) came in second place. The best team was determined to be Dovid Schwartz (’17) and Benny Mermel (’19). The second place team was David Brodskiy (’19) and Andrew Jacobson (’20).

After seeing the amount of awards we received, assistant coach Shua Brick (’11) exclaimed that he has not seen such a dramatic win in years! Mrs. Levitt was extremely happy when she heard the news as well! To celebrate, pizza will be served at the next debate practice after Pesach.


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