by Akiva Cooper (’18)

In preparation for Yom Yerushalayim next week, the Juniors were privileged to hear from Rabbi Dov Lipman, a former Knesset member, this past Tuesday. From the onset, the speech was very inspiring. Rabbi Lipman began by citing the Ramban that explains the obligation for each and every Jew to live in Israel. He went on to relate some of his personal interactions with a group of anti-Israel French Parliamentarians and with pro-Israel Mariano Rivera. The most touching story of them all, however, was the story of Max Steinberg- a lone soldier from California. Max was an irreligious young adult from San Fernando Valley inspired to ‘return home’ after a Birthright trip he was on felt reluctant to go on. He was killed while serving in the IDF. His burial on Mount Herzl unexpectedly found itself with tens of thousands of people who never knew Max but were all inspired to come to a funeral for a man who gave his life for Am Yisrael. Rav Lipman’s speech offered an opportunity to reflect on the amazing privilege we have to be living in a time where Israel is no longer a dream, but a miraculous treasure.


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