Elishama Marmon (‘20)

MTA hosted our yeshiva-wide Shabbaton at the Raleigh Hotel last week.  The entire school participated in a whirlwind weekend packed with fun-filled activities, meaningful minyanim, and amazing learning.  Starting on Thursday night and Friday, it was non-stop fun from a game show to a kumzits, bonfire, midnight BBQ, swimming, hiking, sports tournaments, and bowling.  All of the Shabbos minyanim were led by talmidim.  Each delicious meal was enhanced with zemiros and divrei Torah, followed by shiur with our rebbeim and a Tisch.  On Motzei Shabbos, after an inspirational havdallah, the Seniors presented a hilarious skit and video and we all enjoyed an exciting melaveh malkah with singing and dancing.  “It was an incredibly uplifting experience,” shared Sophomore Nesanel Dietz.  “The zemiros created an inspiring atmosphere which really motivated me,” added Junior Daniel Lipshitz.  “The tremendous achdus of our entire yeshiva coming together was truly felt throughout the entire Shabbaton,” said Director of Student Activities Elie Hirt.  “It’s an incredible feeling to watch talmidim bond with one another and with their rebbeim and create lifelong relationships.”



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