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Shimra Barnett ’15S

Shimra BarnettShimra Barnett is well-known across the Yeshiva University campus. She is the Vice President of Student Council, the lead female anchor for the Shield News, a campus tour guide for prospective students, among taking a leadership role in many other campus activities. While Shimra’s extracurricular involvement is incredible, what really sets her apart is her recognition of the importance of scholarship assistance and YU donors. She advocates for YU donations, big and small, among her fellow students, and urges  them to give back in appreciation of their education. Shimra is president of the club Students Helping Students and a chairwoman of the Senior Class Gift, both of which are programs that encourage current students to donate whatever they can to peer scholarships. Shimra is successful in raising donations from her peers largely because she truly believes in YU’s mission.

“By contributing to a scholarship to Yeshiva University, you are equipping students with the ability to obtain an excellent education based on Jewish values,” she said. “ A YU education allows students to become strong motivated Jewish leaders who think and make informed decisions.”

In January of 2012, Shimra went on the Center for the Jewish Future mission to Nicaragua where she volunteered along with fellow students to build a library for the community of Boca de La Montana. Shimra explained, “YU has taught me about Jewish leadership, to be motivated and to find a passion, and to teach about it and inspire others to strive and do the same. YU has taught me not only to lead for myself, but to lead for my community, the Jewish people, and the world at large.”

Shimra is majoring in  speech pathology and audiology, owing to her devotion to helping others.