Monthly Archives: August 2003

Yeshiva University Undergraduates Conduct Biomedical Research at YU’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Elisheva Douglas hopes her research on lupus will help scientists better understand the chronic inflammatory disease that affects thousands of Americans each year. She and nine other Yeshiva University (YU) undergraduates spent nine weeks this summer investigating causes and treatments of ailments including cancer, sickle cell anemia, and Alzheimer’s disease under the tutelage of top biomedical scientists at the University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Where Will Joel Take Yeshiva U? – In his first interview as president, Richard Joel speaks of moving forward, but cautiously.

Richard Joel is well aware that on the eve of his being chosen president of Yeshiva University last December, a number of students and rabbis were so opposed to his election that they recited Tehillim (Psalms), a prayerful response to times of crisis and danger. For some, the fact that Joel was not a rabbinic scholar and, moreover, had for years headed Hillel, the Jewish campus organization that celebrates pluralism, signaled an impending revolution for Yeshiva, away from its Torah roots.