New York, NY, Dec 15, 2003 — Midtown Campus, the locale of Yeshiva University’s undergraduate programs for women, was last night named by Robert M. Beren, in honor of his distinguished, late uncle, Israel Henry Beren. Robert M. Beren is a longtime supporter of Yeshiva University and Chairman Emeritus of YU’s Board of Trustees. The late Israel Henry Beren of Marietta, Ohio, exemplified the ideals of Torah Umadda through his love of learning, commitment to excellence, and his philanthropic endeavors.

Since 1954, the Midtown campus has been the home of Stern College for Women, and since 1987 for the Sy Syms School for Business women’s division, and other YU programs. The campus, which began humbly as a single building for Stern’s pioneering program of women’s higher education, is now a $56 million complex of eight buildings stretching from 29th St to 36th St., across Park, Lexington, and Third Avenues, and the leading center for women’s Jewish education in North America.