Rabbi Schacter

Jul 28, 2005 — Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, university professor of Jewish history and Jewish thought at Yeshiva University (YU) and senior scholar at YU’s Center for the Jewish Future, will lead the reading and the study of the Kinot at Cong. Keter Torah on Sunday, Aug. 14, the fast of Tisha B’Av.

The full-day program, which will be featured live on, is open to men and women and is part of a summer series of Torah study for adults and a program of engaging learning events for elementary and high school students that are taking place at Keter Torah. This program is an initiative of the Max Stern Division of Communal Services/Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, an agency of the Center for the Jewish Future.

“We at Yeshiva University feel privileged to have worked with Rabbi Baum, the rosh kollel (head of the kollel), Rabbi Ezra Schwartz, and the leadership of Cong. Keter Torah in developing this summer program,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, dean of the Center for the Jewish Future.

“It is due to their hard work that this kollel is so successful,” he added. “The upcoming lectures delivered by Rabbi Schacter, a dynamic scholar who has spent years studying Rabbi Soloveitchik’s teachings on Tisha B’Av, will be appreciated by those who attend.”

Rabbi Schacter’s lectures begin at 9:15 am following an 8:30 shacharit. His first lecture will discuss “The Dialectic of Tisha B’Av: Mourning and Consolation.” Afterwards, he will continue the reading of the Kinot, explaining them in accordance with the teachings of Rabbi Soloveitchik. The program will conclude at 5:00 pm followed by mincha. There will also be an earlier mincha at 1:30 pm

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