Monthly Archives: January 2006

Researchers at Einstein and Beth Israel Identify Gene Mutation as Major Cause of Parkinson’s Among Ashkenazi Patients

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and its Manhattan hospital affiliate, Beth Israel Medical Center, have found that a specific mutation in a single gene is a major cause of Parkinson’s disease among Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jews. The report will appear in the January 26 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Discovery by Einstein Researchers Offers New Strategy Against Serious Diabetes Complications

In a finding that could help prevent some of the worst complications of diabetes, researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have uncovered a novel molecular pathway linking high blood-sugar levels to diabetic retinopathy, a serious condition that can lead to blindness.

Seminary Students on S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program Enjoy Spirited Women’s Choir Competition

On the evening of January 14, more than 2,000 students, friends, and family participated in this year’s Women’s Choir Competition, “Kol Chatan V’kol Kallah,” co-sponsored by Yeshiva University and Kedma, an international student organization funded by United Jewish Appeal’s Partnership 2000 program.

AVI CHAI Funds Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies at Stern for Fifth Year

The AVI CHAI Foundation has renewed funding for The Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies at Stern College for Women for the fifth consecutive year. Begun in 2000, the two-year program, which was initiated and sponsored by an AVI CHAI grant, currently enrolls eighteen women. YU President Richard M. Joel has been instrumental in providing supplemental funding to ensure the program’s success in accommodating increasing student interest.

Dana Glasner Named Finalist by Computing Research Association

The many hours spent in laboratories over the past three summers paid off for Dana Glasner, a Stern College senior, when she was recently named an Outstanding Undergraduate Award finalist for 2006 by the Computing Research Association, a group of academics, companies, laboratories, and government bodies engaged in computer science research in North America.

The Center for the Jewish Future Is Sending a Group of Students to Los Angeles for Winter Torah Tours

Students and alumni of Yeshiva University (YU) and its affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) under the direction of YU’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) will bring their Jewish knowledge and enthusiasm for learning to The Westwood Kehilla, Links Kollel and the UCLA community in January.