YUHSG Senior Miriam Shapiro Meets with President Obama at Reception Honoring Leaders of Jewish Community
Jun 4, 2010 — The author, Miriam Shapiro, international president of NCSY and a senior at Yeshiva University High School for Girls, will be graduating on June 9.

The invitation finally came, but unfortunately it was on Shabbos. I’ve never had such anxiety over opening a letter before, but then again, I have never before received an invitation from the White House. It was very strange to think that it was all happening to me. After all, I’m just me. Miriam Shapiro, 18 years old, graduating soon from high school, and invited to a reception at the White House.

My term as International President of NCSY has enabled me to branch out and get involved with teens from all over the world, which has been an unbelievable experience in and of itself, and I never imagined that it would take me further than that, let alone to the White House.

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, as declared originally during the administration of President George W. Bush, and President Obama decided to take it one step further by inviting leaders of the national Jewish community to the White House for the first-ever reception in celebration of the occasion. This reception was intended to honor Jews from all walks of life who have made significant contributions to both the Jewish community and to the United States.

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