The NJ Jewish Standard on a Group of YU Students Raising Money for Israel Trip Scholarships Through Torah Letzion

When Marc Merrill was in his second year of post-high school study in Israel, an administrator asked if he could help raise money for a student whose family could not afford tuition there. The Jamaica Estates resident was so successful that he founded an organization, Torah LeTzion, the following year and started awarding scholarships of $2,000 to $4,000 to a handful of applicants. In 2010, the organization helped 10 students, some from North Jersey as well as Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York and Toronto.

Torah Letzion

Sherman and Merrill (right side) at a 3-on-3 basketball tournament Torah Letzion fundraiser.

“We had 26 applicants this past year,” said co-director Daniel Sherman. “We had to reject 16 we didn’t have enough money to help. It’s frustrating to know people might not be able to go to Israel because we can’t give them a scholarship.”

Torah LeTzion is run entirely by college students at Yeshiva University. Program directors Corey Fuchs and Yoni Bardash, both Teaneck residents, organized a three-on-three basketball tournament in October at Teaneck’s Richard Rodda Community Center that raised some $5,000 for the fund. Read full article in the New Jersey Jewish Standard