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Mendes' (center) new course guides students through a journey of self-exploration.

Mirrors in Their Hearts

Mirrors in Their Hearts

In Art Seminar Led by Sebastian Mendes, Students Reflect on Personal Experience In contemporary artist Sebastian Mendes’s exhibition at the Yeshiva University Museum, line drawings shaped from hurried signatures and hollowed-out loaves of bread stuffed with names evoke the heroic story of his grandfather, a consul general who signed thousands of life-saving visas during the

Balancing Religious Faith and Sports

Jeffrey Gurock Discusses the Conflict Observant Athletes Face when Choosing Between their Religion and Competition When 7-year-old Amalya Knapp took the beam at the New Jersey state gymnastics finals last month, her excellent performance symbolized a far more complicated balancing act. Although she would have ranked fifth in her age group, eligible for a medal,