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Alan Dershowitz

YUHS Annual Dinner of Tribute

YUHS Annual Dinner of Tribute

Alan Dershowitz to be Honored at Yeshiva University High Schools Dinner on May 3 Yeshiva University High Schools (YUHS) will hold their Annual Dinner of Tribute on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, at New York City’s Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Professor Alan M. Dershowitz will be the guest of honor. Rabbi Mark Gottlieb will be honored

Of Painters, Plays and Poets

Student Talent and Creativity on Display at Yeshiva University Arts Festival Intrigued by Talmudic archaeology? Curious about Sephardic pizmonim [traditional tunes]? Want to catch a whimsical Steve Martin play or tour a gallery that includes photography, sculpture, line drawings and more? These were just a few options to explore at the 15th annual Yeshiva University