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You wore what to that interview?!

Today at 2 p.m. EDT, join Mayer Fertig and Miriam L. Wallach for “Who’s on Furst?” — broadcast from Furst Hall on YU’s Wilf Campus — as YU’s Director of Athletics Joe Bednarsh and 4 year soccer player and recent YU graduate Achiya Yaffe discuss how playing ball at YU is different than playing anywhere else, and the commitment it takes to balance a dual curriculum with the rigors of competitive sports. Then: are employment options as bleak as they seem for college graduates? If so, why are YU grads seeming to fare so well? Laurie Davis, director of counseling and programming at YU’s Career Development Center joins Mayer and Miriam with tips on what not to wear on an interview, why a resume should be kept to one page and why YU grads do so well in graduate schools. And don’t forget to shine your shoes.

All this, plus why Israel could be in a position to give the Saudis a run for their petro-dollars and other stories making headlines in the Jewish media, today and every Thursday at 2 p.m. on www.yu.edu/radio and www.nachumsegal.com