Students Explore Israel’s Culture and Cuisine at YU Israel Club Event

More than 40 students gathered on Wednesday, October 26, to celebrate one of the most beloved aspects of Israeli culture—hummus, the popular Middle Eastern chickpea-based cuisine.

Israel Club

Zoe Jick's presentation featured the history of Hummus, as well as the best places in Israel to enjoy the popular cuisine.

The event, organized by Yeshiva University’s Israel Club, featured a discussion with Zoe Jick, the New York-area director of student activities for the World Zionist Organization on “What Hummus Can Teach You about Israel.” Jick’s presentation included the best locations in Israel to eat hummus, all of which were mixed Israeli-Arab cities, making hummus a “beacon of co-existence,” according to Jick.

The event then shifted to a culinary experience with students creating their own dishes of hummus.

“This year, we’d like to create Israel-related events that highlight and celebrate a pride in our culture,” said Avital Chizhik, co-president of the Israel Club and organizer of the event. “We want to evoke all of the aspects that we love about Israel—the cities and the countryside, the vibrant culture and lifestyle, the language and society—to keep our passion fresh and invigorated.”

Upcoming Israel Club events include a hasbara [public diplomacy] training session with David Olesker of the Jerusalem Center for Communications and Advocacy Training in early November and a lecture on the psychology behind terrorism November 21 by a Bar Ilan professor. At the end of the semester, there will be an event about the wave of social protests that swept Israel this past summer, as well as an Israel-themed comedy night and dinner.

“Being in YU has provided, above all, an opportunity to connect with Israel that I don’t think I’d get in any other American university,” said Chizhik. “Between spending this past summer on the CJF’s Counterpoint Israel program in Arad and getting to spend a month with Israeli teenagers in the Negev, taking advanced Israeli literature and media classes, and having a plethora of Israel-related events to choose from, I am deeply grateful for my experience here.”