Latin American Business Club Hosts Mexican Consul General Carlos Sada

On November 13, Carlos M. Sada, consul general of Mexico in New York, spoke to Yeshiva University students on the Wilf Campus about the country’s growing economic opportunities, its struggle to defeat organized crime, and its relationships with the United States and Israel—in response to a Facebook invitation from the president of YU’s Latin American Business Club.

Consul General Carlos Sada answers students’ questions at the YU Latin American Business Club event.

Daniel Simkin, a sophomore majoring in business and mathematics at YU’s Sy Syms School of Business, had initially posted the request on outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s Facebook wall. “I felt that Latin America has so many exciting things happening that people don’t know about and there are a lot of great opportunities there for my fellow students,” said Simkin, explaining why he and club founders Daniel Benchimol and Arieh Levi had reached out to many Latin American leaders.

“I also wanted students to be more aware of the relationship the United States has with Latin America that is mutually beneficial and how each country, from Mexico to Panama to Venezuela, has a distinct culture and connection to the United States.”

To Simkin’s surprise, Calderon personally returned his call. Read the rest of this entry…

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