CJF-RIETS Virtual Lecture Series Teaches Rabbis Effective Methods for Addressing Relationship Issues at Every Stage

Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) and affiliate Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Rabbinical Theological Seminary (RIETS) has launched a comprehensive “Rabbinic Marriage Counseling” course that aims to develop communal rabbis’ skills and techniques in assisting couples through every stage of relationship—from dating and marriage to crisis, death and divorce.

The first of its kind, the yearlong online lecture series will explore the “rabbi’s role” in various situations and how he can effectively collaborate with couples, their families and mental health professionals in formulating and implementing a counseling plan. The course, which boasts 40 participants from across North America and Israel, began on October 15 with an in-depth look at dating.

“While communal rabbis are interested in attending conferences to enhance and inform their rabbinic education, the availability of time and money for such enrichment are real obstacles. This course provides a cost- and time-effective way for rabbis to update their skills in a way that will allow them to serve their constituents better,” said Rabbi Levi Mostofsky, director of RIETS CJF Continuing Rabbinic Education and Support. Read the rest of this entry…