Stu Halpern’s Five Tips for Choosing a Major

Biotechnology researcher or social entrepreneur? Entertainment lawyer or city engineer? Pulpit rabbi or web developer?

At Yeshiva University, students can pave their way to all of these exciting careers and more. But for those  just beginning their university studies, the wide range of options can, at times, be overwhelming. How do you know which field—or which track in that field— is the right fit for you?

To help students answer this question, academic advising will host two events next week. On March 11, a Majors Panel (Rubin Shul, 5:45-6:45 p.m.) will convene students from a wide array of majors chosen by their department chairs to speak about their experience choosing and pursuing their major and take questions from fellow students. On March 13, major-hunters will have the opportunity to meet and speak directly with department chairs of each major at the Majors Fair (Furst Hall 501, 5:45-6:45 p.m.) to learn more about specific fields, network with faculty mentors and plan their academic career. Deans, academic advisers and Career Center representatives will also be on hand.

“These are great opportunities for students to get a sense of what they can do here and what professions or fields play to their strengths and interests,” said Dr. Stu Halpern, academic adviser on the Wilf Campus. Below, Halpern offers five tips for students deciding on a major. Read the rest of this entry…