Graduate Profile: Zamir Pearsall, Yeshiva College

A common spirit runs throughout Yeshiva University: the mandate to matter.

Students of all ages and backgrounds come here to pursue a range of professional and personal dreams, from scientific research and medicine to law, Jewish education or public policy. Our students seek to harness their unique talents and YU education to make a lasting impact on the world around them. This spring, when they graduate from YU, these new alumni will hit the ground running.

In the weeks leading up to CommencementYU News will feature one remarkable graduate from each school, reflecting, in their own words, on their time here, their passions and their dreams for the future.

Meet the Class of 2013.


Yeshiva College senior Zamir Pearsall hopes to pursue a career in law.

Name: Zamir Pearsall

School: Yeshiva College

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Passions: Music and Political Science Read the rest of this entry…