With More than 18 Faculty Presenters, YU Among the Largest Non-Israel Based Institutions Represented

More than 18 faculty members from Yeshiva University’s graduate and undergraduate schools presented at the 16th World Congress of Judaic Studies, making its presence among the largest of any non-Israeli group.

The Congress, which took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from July 28-August 1, convenes every four years to provide a stage where new research in a wide range of fields within Jewish Studies can be presented, including areas such as “The Bible and Its World,” “History of the Jewish People,” “Rabbinic Literature,” “Jewish Law,” “Jewish Thought,” “Contemporary Jewish Society in Israel and the Diaspora,” and “Jewish Education,” among others. It is the largest assembly of its kind and provides an opportunity for more than 1,000 Judaic studies scholars from the world’s leading research institutes to meet and exchange ideas. Read the rest of this entry…

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