Constitution Day Event Examines Legality of Controversial Police Practice

At an event in honor of Constitution Day on Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus, attorney Cara Suvall greeted students the same way she typically greets her clients: “I’m sorry we’re meeting under these circumstances, but I hope over time we’ll get to know and trust each other.”


Cara Suvall, staff attorney at Bronx defenders

According to Suvall, that message is not one her clients—often teenagers from minority backgrounds who have been the subject of discrimination—are used to hearing. Suvall is a staff attorney for Bronx Defenders, an organization that provides legal representation and advocacy for low-income residents of the Bronx. With Dr. Delores Jones-Brown, a professor from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, Suvall offered students from both campuses insight into the recent ruling by a federal judge, Shira Scheindlin, that became the subject of much controversy this summer: that stop-and-frisk, the police practice of stopping, questioning and frisking pedestrians in New York City which has been common for decades, violated the Fourth and 14th Amendments.

“This is a real constitutional issue and it’s not just about New Yorkers, it’s about all Americans,” said Dr. Sam Gellens, assistant director of the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program Read the rest of this entry…

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