A Stern College Mini-Reunion

Leah Wolf and Deborah Nobel

Members of the Class of 1972 Tour Campus, Recall Their Time at Stern

On Monday, November 27, 20 alumnae of Stern College for Women Class of 1972 met for a mini-reunion at the Israel Henry Beren Campus, where they shared a tour of the buildings and a luncheon along with a great spirit of camaraderie and celebration.

Leah (Becker) Wolf and Deborah Nobel

Leah (Becker) Wolf and Deborah Nobel

The meeting came about from a conversation between Leah (Becker) Wolf, Deborah Nobel and the Office of Alumni Affairs. Wolf, who lives in Beersheva, Israel, but maintains an active email correspondence with all the members of the 1972 class, had planned a trip to New York this November. Nobel suggested that she make her visit an opportunity to get together with Class of ’72 alumnae in the area. Wolf agreed, and Nobel, with the help of Dina Burcat, director of alumni affairs, was able to pull together this mini-reunion.

As the women were guided on their tour by current students senior Yael Mayer and junior Shira Perton, they shared many stories about their time on campus.  Nobel remembered her years at Stern College, during the turbulent times of the late 1960s, as the “gift of being in a sheltered place,” while Sandy (Maza) Gross recalled that her first class wasn’t even held on the campus. “It was a swimming class,” she said, “and I had to run down to the 14th Street Y to make the session!”

Several women spoke about their journey to Stern College as transformative, including Marlene (Gross) Sperling, who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Linda (Ulevitch) Karasick, who came to New York City from Peoria, Illinois. Both recalled how difficult it was in their communities to cultivate what Karasick called “a spiritual self” and how at Stern College they found a spiritual home.

Rabbi Saul Berman and Ethel Orlian, associate dean, stopped by to greet many of their former students, and Karen Bacon, The Mordecai D. Katz and Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean of the Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yeshiva University, welcomed them to the campus and saluted them all for their dedication and interest.

Class of 1972 Mini-Reunion

For more information about alumni reunions, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at alumni@yu.edu or 646-592-4510.

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