Maccabees Get a Makeover

Yeshiva Athletics Unveils New Logo and Font

After a year of brainstorming ideas and tweaking designs with the help of Phoenix Design Works, the Athletic Department in conjunction with the University is pleased to unveil their new athletic logo and unique font. Each part of the logo is intended to symbolize and celebrate the Maccabees, a band of Jewish freedom fighters that liberated the land of Israel from the Seleucid Empire. The new logo will serve as the face of Yeshiva Athletics moving forward.

The warrior in the logo is a historically accurate depiction of soldiers at that time and how the Maccabean army would most probably have dressed. The warrior intentionally features a spear as opposed to a sword. The spear is symbolic of the lower-grade weaponry the Maccabees used to defeat the better-armed and much larger Syrian Greek army. The defensive posture is indicative of the Jewish fighters’ desire to protect their land and way of life and symbolic of the Jewish people’s feelings toward the purpose of military confrontation.

The shield, the front of which can be seen here, is similar in shape to the Yeshiva University shield and on the shield are a lion from the Coat-of-Arms of Jerusalem and a menorah from the Coat-of-Arms of the State of Israel. Both tie in to the story of the Maccabees. The Jewish revolt against Antiochus liberated Jerusalem which is why Jerusalem’s lion symbol appears. Once the Temple was restored to Jewish control the Maccabees re-instituted the tradition of a constantly-lit menorah, thus that symbol.

The font is intended to evoke the look of letters chiseled in stone similar to how they might have looked in the second century before the modern era.

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