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Wurzweiler Gains Exclusive Screening Rights to ’Bullycam’; Will Incorporate Film Into Curriculum

In an effort to better educate its students about the dangers of bullying, and how to fight them, Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work has gained the exclusive screening rights to “Bullycam: The Video Diary of Kelly Wilson, a film depicting the relentless bullying of a high school teen from the perspective of the victim.

Wurzweiler initially held an advance screening of the film, which won Best Narrative Feature at the Metropolitan Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, and the Buffalo/Niagara Film Festival, as well as the Thin Line Award at the Thin Line Film Festival, before its premiere in 2011. It elicited such a strong reaction then and in the months that followed that Wurzweiler decided to revisit it as a potentially critical component of the social work curriculum, focusing on its unique ability to help students better understand the many forms bullying often takes among children and teens today and empathize with the emotions and motivations of victims after witnessing a firsthand account. Read the rest of this entry…

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New Yeshiva College Curriculum Highlights Interdisciplinary Courses

Yeshiva College is unveiling a new core curriculum to take effect in the Fall 2012 semester, featuring a wide range of interdisciplinary courses, more advanced classes within individual majors, and greater freedom for students to craft an education that complements their interests and aspirations and maximizes their opportunities for employment in their field.

The change marks the first major overhaul of the curriculum since 1928. Over the last 80 years, Yeshiva College’s general requirements have followed a distribution model, encouraging students to take a variety of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences—a model that Yeshiva College faculty and students increasingly felt was outmoded and out of Read the rest of this entry…


Students entering Yeshiva College in September will benefit from an exciting new curriculum that is six years in the making. Yeshiva College’s course offerings have changed and evolved over the years, of course, but this new educational program marks Yeshiva College’s first complete curriculum overhaul since 1928.

Naturally, incoming students have questions. Most of the students about to attend classes for the first time on the Wilf Campus in New York are currently studying in Israel or have recently returned from yeshivot there. They have received the following letter to answer their questions and allay possible concerns:


Dear Students,

This is an exciting time, as registration approaches and you begin to plan for the years you will be on our New York campus, building a solid springboard from which to launch your professional careers and life pursuits.

This new curriculum was designed especially for you, our students, with the sole purpose of giving you the best possible education to prepare you for success and entry into top career positions and graduate schools. Read the rest of this entry…

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