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Now in Video: “Modeling the Flood Story: Midrash and Movie”

In Fall 2014, the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies partnered with Yeshiva College and the YU Museum in hosting  “Modeling the Flood Story: Midrash and Movie,” an interdisciplinary symposium examining the biblical flood account and how the story has been read, interpreted, reconstructed – and modeled – through Midrash, medieval and modern texts, art, and film, with a particular focus on the 2014 Hollywood film Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky.


Yom Ha’Atzma’ut Concert

Musical celebrations for Yom Ha’Atzma’ut are part of the festivities. Israel boasted an orchestra, the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, even before the State of Israel was born. It was founded by violinist Bronislaw Huberman in 1936, to provide positions for musicians fleeing Nazi ruled Germany and simultaneously creating a venue for superb classical music in pre-state Israel.  Today it is known as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


Three Men’s Volleyball Players Earn HVIAC All-Conference, Dauphinais Named Coach of the Year, Marks Named Rookie of the Year

NEW YORK, N.Y.— Fresh off its third straight Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (HVIAC) men’s volleyball championship, three Yeshiva University men’s volleyball players and its head coach were recognized by the conference as Joseph Lipton, Tuvia Marks and Mishael Miller were named to the HVIAC All-Conference team, while head coach Jacqui Dauphinais was named the


Upcoming Talk: Shifting Jewish Identities and Ideologies From the Dawn of the 20th Century Until the Shoah

Join us for a discussion with Professors Joshua Karlip and Jess Olson introduced and moderated by Dr. Kenneth Moss, Associate Professor and Felix Posen Chair of Modern Jewish History at Johns Hopkins University. Date and Time: Thursday, April 30, 2015, 7:30 P.M. Location: Belfer Hall, Room 218, 2495 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10033. Register


Making History New

Making History New: Modernism and Historical Narrative, by Seamus O’Malley. Oxford University Press, 2014.


Machine Age Matzo

The first machine for rolling matzo dough was invented in 1838, towards the end of the period of the Industrial Revolution. This advertisement for a hand-powered mechanical matzo marvel appeared in the Ungarisch-jüdische Wochenschrift, (Hungarian Jewish Weekly), published in Pest, Hungary, in 1871. The modern, innovative equipment engendered great halakhic controversy: Could the machine really be thoroughly cleaned of dough and crumbs? Would using the machine endanger the livelihood of the matzo workers? These questions and others that arose have been debated in Jewish legal literature, and the discussion continues to the present day.


2015 Educational Policy Approved by CSWE Board of Directors

Left to right: Dr. Darla Spence Coffey, President and CEO of CSWE; Dr. Carmen Ortiz Hendricks, Chair of CSWE’s Commission on Accreditation; Dr. Alan Detlaff, Chair of the Commission on Educational Policy; and Dr. Jo Ann Regan, Director of Social Work Accreditation. The 2015 Educational Policy (EP) developed by CSWE’s Commission on Educational Policy (COEP)


Revel MA Student Wins Teaching Award, Thanks Revel

When Revel MA student Mrs. Beanah Greenberg learned that she would receive the Shevach ve-Hodaah Teacher’s Award at Shevach High School’s annual dinner, she knew who she had to thank. “I really feel that the award in great part belongs to you and wanted you to share in my achievements,”she wrote in a letter to her Revel professors. “As a result of the scholarship gained and the methodology that I learned at BRGS, my skills as a teacher of Tanakh on a High School level were immeasurably enhanced.”


The Holocaust Averted: Conversation and Book Launch with Prof. Gurock

The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and Yeshiva University Museum, in partnership with Rutgers University Press and the American Jewish Historical Society invite you to a nationally-televised conversation with Rabbi Mark Golub and Professor Jeffrey S. Gurock: