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Bostoner Rebbe Visits Seforim Sale

Rabbi Meir Alter Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe of Jerusalem, stopped by Yeshiva University’s Seforim Sale on Monday, February 21. Rabbi Horowitz spoke to the students, signed copies of his sefer, Pirush HaMeir (which offers commentary on the Rambam’s Mishna Torah), and offered Seforim Sale goers brachos and words of inspiration. [flickrslideshow acct_name=”yeshivauniversity” id=”72157626128638894″]

Seforim Sale

More than Just a Book Sale

Yeshiva Fair Is a Bastion for Jewish Books of the Printed Variety Those who mourn the metamorphosis of books made of paper into digital versions for e-readers can find some solace by taking a trip to Washington Heights in Manhattan. There, in a cavernous hall on its campus, Yeshiva University is holding its annual Seforim Sale