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Who's On Furst? – March 17

Tune into YU’s Weekly Internet Radio Show, Thursdays at 2PM Will you be ready if disaster strikes? This week on “Who’s on Furst?” (Thursdays at 2 p.m. EST, on www.nachumsegal.com and www.yu.edu/radio): Emergency preparedness plans and precautions for individuals, families and small businesses. On their weekly live webcast from Furst Hall on the Yeshiva University

Laying bricks for library's foundation in Nicaragua.

Students Hit the Road

CJF Missions Take Students to Israel, Ukraine, North and South America [flv]http://www.yu.edu/flv/Yeshiva_University_Student_Service_Learning _Winter_Missions.flv[/flv] The Nicaraguan village of Boca de la Montana appears remote and desolate in an image captured from space by a satellite; hardly the place for a hard-earned vacation. But more than a dozen Yeshiva University students accompanied by Rabbi Yosef Blau, mashgiach