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magazine coverRevel’s recently published magazine, Revel: 75 Years and Beyond, which celebrates more than three quarters of a century since the school’s establishment, is now available online. Packed with information about Revel’s degree programs, outstanding faculty, exciting opportunities and more, the magazine also features some of Revel’s many accomplished students and alumni. We look forward to many more decades of scholarship and achievement!


Four-part Revel PhD lecture series hosted at the Jewish Center

A series of four lectures by Revel PhD students was hosted by the Jewish Center in Manhattan on consecutive Mondays from April 23 to May 14 this year. The series, entitled “A Taste of Academic Jewish Studies from Tomorrow’s Jewish Academics,” was the third in a three-part commemoration of Revel’s seventy-fifth anniversary. { This lecture series showcased the school’s talented young academics, who presented on the subjects of Bible, Jewish Philosophy and Jewish History.

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From Rashi’s Shir ha-Shirim to Jewish-Christian Tensions to the Contemporary Academy: Revel Yom Iyun Addresses the Value and Relevance of Academic Jewish Studies

Over 100 people congregated at The Jewish Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Sunday morning, March 18 for a unique Yom Iyun (“day of study”) entitled “New Perspectives on Jewish-Christian Relations” jointly sponsored by Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and The Jewish Center. Some of those in attendance have a professional interest in Jewish studies—students, professors and rabbis—but most did not, and came primarily to learn from the featured speakers. Indeed, this Yom Iyun was designed to bring academic Jewish scholarship to the awareness of the broader Jewish community as part of Revel’s celebration of its 75th anniversary. The Yom Iyun included four lectures dealing with a range of topics spanning from biblical times to the modern age, each showcasing how academic Jewish studies complement talmud Torah (religious study).

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Exploring the Milieu of Great Minds: Associate Dean Cohen as Scholar-in-Residence at Jewish Center in Manhattan

As the first in a three-part celebration of Revel’s 75th anniversary intended to bring the school’s work to the attention of the broader Jewish community, Mordechai Cohen, Professor

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