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December 10th, 2013 by mordechai


Sy Syms Students and YU Career Panelists (from L-R, Sara Rabi, Nisha Atre, Jonathan Stuhl, Meg Sylvester

Sy Syms Students and YU Career Panelists (from L-R, Sara Rabi, Nisha Atre, Jonathan Stuhl, Meg Sylvester

(This blog is posted on behalf of Professor Galit Ben-Joseph, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  On December 6th, students got a chance to hear from several individuals in different careers to help answer that question.  Sara Rabi, and accountant, Meg Sylvester, an attorney, Nisha Atre, a hedge fund rep, and Jonathan Stuhl, a marketing rep, all presented their careers and choices they made along the way.

Students learned that in some of the cases, the panelists majored in something that did not wind up being their career — for example, Nisha majored in Earth Sciences at Harvard, but now works in Finance.  Meg majored in Finance, but is now an attorney.  No one had any regrets about their choice of major, and would do it the same way again.

Students also learned that balancing work and life is of course a challenge, but can be handled, and juggled.  Working moms all said they have been able to make it work, even though some days are tough.  Jonathan spoke about this being his time to work hard.

Questions from the students had to do with — getting an MBA — should one wait and get some work experience first, or begin right away?  (Answer:  usually a little work experience is preferred) How important is it to have a 4.0?  (Answer: not that important).  How does one differentiate their resume? (Answer:  have something unique to offer – Nisha hired someone who gives guitar lessons and has 800,000 YouTube hits),

Finally, the panelists shared their one best piece of advice, which was 1.  Be open minded, 2.  Surround yourself with smart people 3.  Smile a lot 4.  Work hard.  It’s worth it in the end.

A Message from Jesse Nathanson, Sy Syms Student Council President

December 2nd, 2013 by mordechai


The Sy Syms School of Business is the place to be at Yeshiva University. We have excellent faculty, administration, classes and students. There are many changes going on to constantly improve the school in order to make it a top business school in New York. The SYMS Student Council (SYMSSC) is working hard to help achieve this goal and offer students the unique opportunity to learn outside the classroom and get ready to begin their careers once they graduate. We are also committed to giving Sy Syms a “family” feel by connecting faculty and administration with our students.

 We run many different types of programs at Syms. The biggest job we have is managing 15 clubs. These clubs cover an array of topics from the Accounting Society to the Marketing Club; and the Sports Management Club to the Latin American Business Club. The clubs run extracurricular events to best educate the student body on things that may not be covered in the classroom. For example: The Accounting Society, one of the biggest clubs on campus at YU, has held several events over the past year. They brought someone in from Becker CPA to educate the students how to earn their CPA licensing. They have had people come in from different size accounting firms to talk to us about how the lifestyle and work is at different size Public Accounting Firms. And if you aren’t interested in working at a Public Accounting Firm, they hosted a panel of different jobs you can get with an accounting degree. These events give the students an opportunity to find out what their career may be like and even give students the opportunity to network in order to increase their chances of getting a job or internship. Clubs also run numerous site visits every year. A site visit is an opportunity to go on site to a business, to see what the workplace is like and learn about the company in a real work environment. I think this is the best opportunity to learn what the business world is like and to get a feel for where one could be working in a few years. Some of our most notable site visits include The Federal Reserve, Ernst & Young and Madison Square Gardens. This year we have Google and American Greetings on the calendar.

Besides working with our amazing clubs, there are a lot of other great stuff we participate in on campus. We also run some of the bigger programing and social events on campus. Recently, we hosted Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Economy Minister, at YU with more than 400 students in attendance. He spoke about innovation in Israel and gave some insights on his own entrepreneurial success. We also partner with Sy Syms in running the Leading with Meaning Series hosted by Professor Charlie Harary. These events give our students the opportunity to learn about ethical and moral behavior in the business world. These are well-attended events and we hope to see you at the event in the Spring.

In particular, I am very proud of the Yeshiva Consulting program that we started along with some ambitious students this semester. Yeshiva Consulting is a program that allows students to take the skills they learn in the classroom and use it to help local businesses in Washington Heights. We are sending in teams of students to help these businesses and business owners with accounting, social media, marketing, web design and legal work. The point of this project is twofold: with Dean Pava’s guidance, we believe that “experience based learning” is essential to growth and preparing you for life after school. We are happy to be giving our students the opportunity to practice their skills before they graduate, while having on site coaching from faculty and a local non-for-profit we teamed up with. More importantly, we feel it is important to dedicate time to give back to others and our community. Yeshiva Consulting is just starting out, but we have more than 60 students signed up and we are excited for the program to grow!

The Syms Dinner is a highlight every year at Yeshiva University. More than 400 students, faculty and alumni get together to eat delicious food at a beautiful venue in downtown Manhattan to celebrate an amazing school year with the graduating class at Sy Syms. This is always a night to remember and I urge you to come this year. Mark your calendars for April 30th – tickets will be on sale next semester.

Our hope is that we are able to help every student at Syms, and respond to the needs of our students. If there is anything you would like to get involved in, I encourage you to reach out to me. If you have any ideas for us that you wish to see, we would love to hear from you! Please come say hello at any time, as I would like to meet every single student at Sy Syms and help cater our program to YOU.

Look out for our programs on ystuds, flyers and social media blasts! We would love for you to come to events. I look forward to seeing you there.


Jesse Nathanson

SYMSSC, President




Facebook: www.facebook.com/symssc

Twitter: @Symscouncil

Instagram: symssc14

Preview of Fall 2013 Course Offerings

August 23rd, 2013 by mordechai

Here is a preview of several new courses being offered at the Sy Syms School of Business this Fall semester. Be sure to check out a complete listing of courses being offered at Beren and Wilf.

Sports Marketing Management

Sports Marketing Management will build upon your marketing knowledge base and provide an overview of issues faced by marketing managers inside and outside the sports industry. Students will be introduced to some of the unique qualities of sports related products and services while examining promotion, pricing and distribution issues.

Sports Marketing Management will be taught at Yeshiva University’s Beren Campus.

Managing a Growing Business

A truly unique and brand new course for Syms, ‘Managing a Growing Business’ will blend lectures on diverse, current marketing, accounting, management, legal, communication, tax, finance and ethical issues with a hands-on clinic, focused on actual commercial problems of growing businesses.  Students will be learning from experts in their fields and working together as a team with their faculty advisor in a consulting/accounting/business environment to develop practical solutions. 

Managing a Growing Business will be taught at Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus.

Fashion Fundamentals

Fashion Fundamentals introduces students to the world of fashion.  It is a broad survey course starting with a bit of fashion history then segueing into important topics such as textiles, sales and marketing techniques in the fashion industry, retailing, the global marketplace, and corporate social responsibility.  Fashion fundamentals is a must have for students who are considering a career in the world of fashion.

Fashion Fundamentals will be taught at Yeshiva University’s Beren Campus. 

Welcome From the Dean

August 22nd, 2013 by mordechai

Dear Sy Syms School of Business Community:

Last year was an amazing one at the Sy Syms School of Business. We launched an Honors Program under Associate Dean Avi Giloni’s leadership, an EMBA Program under Professor Steven Nissenfeld’s leadership, and most importantly, we received AACSB Accreditation, an outside verification of the overall quality of our academic offerings.

This year will be even better! We are offering new courses like President Richard Joel’s Leadership in the Non-profit sector, Professor Daniel Feldman’s Business and Jewish Law, Professor Leonard Fuld’s Managing a Growth Business, and Marcy Syms’ Women and Business.

We welcome five new full-time faculty members including: Drs. Galit Ben-Josef (Management), Gabriella Coiculescu (Finance), Archishman Chakraborty (Finance), Steven Chan (Marketing), and Henry Huang (Accounting). I know you will learn much from these outstanding scholars over the coming years and that each one of them is dedicated to teaching you state of the art business skills you will need as you begin your professional career.

Please take advantage of our excellent extra-curricular activities, visit Marc Goldman at the Career Center, and arrange for an appointment with Professor Claire Zakheim or Debra Pine for advisement help.

Our Associate Dean, Mike Strauss, is always ready to speak with students about new business ideas and any other issues or concerns.

My door is always open and I look forward to meeting you over the course of the coming academic year. My commitment to you is to provide a dynamic environment, great teachers who are experts in their fields, a culture of honesty and integrity, and finally, an opportunity to integrate your professional aspirations with your desire to live a full and authentic Jewish life. Study hard and enjoy!



Dr. Moses Pava


Sy Syms School of Business

Remarks from Sy Syms Dean Moses Pava

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

I write these words as I sit on the runway at Chicago’s Midway Airport, returning home from the Annual International AACSB Conference. Associate Dean Mike Strauss and I were proud to represent Yeshiva University, as the Sy Syms School of Business was formally recognized by approximately 600 peer schools as having achieved accreditation.

As I take a few minutes to reminisce, I am gratified that our business school has not only met all AACSB Standards, but in every case, we have exceeded them. Specifically, this means that we maintain both an academically-qualified and a professionally-qualified faculty, providing students with the best in contemporary business education. Students receive excellent advising. Our Career Center is considered state of the art.  The students of the Sy Syms School of Business are highly-motivated, entrepreneurial, intelligent, and energetic.

The three members of the AACSB team that visited with us for four days this past February, all deans of comparable business schools, were unanimously impressed with the teamwork and trust at Yeshiva University, noting especially the support of Board Members, the President and Provost of the University, fellow Deans, students, full-time and adjunct faculty, staff, alumni, and all of our various stakeholders.

For me, though, the most important take-away from this journey was the genuine respect AACSB showed towards our goal of providing students with a business education in the context of our University’s unique mission of combining Torah-Umaddah.  This goal sets us apart from every other business school in the     world, and we should be extremely proud of our rigorous Jewish studies and Torah Programs, our unique classes like Principles of Success taught by Professor Charles Harary, Leadership in Non-profits taught by President Richard  Joel, Ethical and Legal Environment of Business taught by Professor Rob     ert Greenberg and Rabbi Daniel Feldman, and Rabbi Feldman’s brand new course on Business and Jew   ish Law. We stand tall in our support of Israel through our newly-launched Leading with Meaning Series of lectures and hosting visiting faculty like Dr. Haim Levy from Israel.

My goal as Dean is that every one of our undergraduate business students embarks upon his or her career, not only with the ambition of rising to the top of his or her profession, but with the aspiration of always conducting business according to the best values of the ancient Jewish tradition. One of the most famous ad campaigns of all time, tells us to “Just Do It.” I suggest modestly that we at the Sy Syms School of Business amend this slogan ever so slightly to read, Just Do It, But Do It Jewishly.

Attaining accreditation, “what a long strange trip it’s been,” to quote a legendary rock group. But like all great journeys, this one has left us right where we began only stronger, wiser, and even more ambitious than ever to renew our commitment to start all over again.

The pilot is telling me and my fellow travelers that we are about to make our descent into La Guardia Airport, and I must turn off all electronic devices. As I return to campus this evening, I am grateful to have been invigorated by my colleagues at AACSB. I am excited to be bringing back with me new ideas to experiment with and implement. But, I also note, with significant pride, it’s great to be home again.


What Are You Doing This Summer? Insights from the Career Center

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

Have you thought about what to do with your summer yet?   Should you look for an internship? Have you already secured an internship or job? Maybe you will travel or volunteer. The possibilities are plentiful, and the Career Center is here to help you make the most of whatever plans you might have.

If you already have an internship, now is the perfect time to meet with a counselor or attend a workshop to discuss how to make the most out of that experience. We can help you learn how to make a great impression, how to adapt to the company environment, and how to make relationships with your co-workers and supervisor.  Internships often lead to full-time job offers, so it’s critical to learn how to stand out as an intern.

If you are not sure what you are doing this summer, a summer internship is the perfect opportunity for you to explore potential careers, gain valuable job experience, build up your resume, and learn about yourself.  Internships are critical in the eyes of future employers and graduate schools.  In a tough economy where there are many more applicants than jobs, prior experience through internships is essentially a requirement for landing that first job out of college.  Visit the YU Career Center to have your resume reviewed and to discuss career paths that might be of interest to you. Also during your meeting with a counselor, you will be able to gain familiarity with YU CareerLink, the Career Center’s database of jobs and internships.  Over 200 summer internship opportunities are currently listed with more added every day. You can also start looking at several outside resources posted on the Career Center website, www.yu.edu/career-center, such as www.internships.com or www.InternMatch.com.

In addition, the Career Center team can help you practice important skills such as interviewing and networking. Talk to friends, relatives, shul members, faculty, previous employers, and anyone else you know. Get familiar with social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Networking is increasingly important in any job or internship search; in fact, networking is the number one way that students find opportunities.


Faculty Spotlight: Associate Professor Tamar Avnet

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

I am an Associate Professor of Business in Marketing at the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University, whose faculty I joined in 2006. Prior to joining SSSB, I was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Rotman Business School at the University of Toronto, where  I taught at the MBA program. I also taught at Columbia Business School’s MBA program. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Management and a Master of Science in Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (and a PhD in Marketing from Columbia Business School. I have also held a visiting Professorship at New York University during my year of sabbatical from YU. I have recently become the Department Chair of Marketing and Management at SSSB.

As the new Department Chair, one of my goals is to increase our emphasis on the impacts of information technologies as well as socialcultural shifts on the fields of  Marketing and Management. Both of these areas have been heavily impacted by the new advances in technology as well as in the ways in which we consume information, stay in touch with our friends, shop etc. etc. and I feel our graduating students need to have the appropriate skills in order to be competitive in the ever changing and competitive job market. We are currently designing several courses that will incorporate Marketing, Information Systems and Decision Sciences to appeal to those students who are interested in a career in Marketing Strategy andor Social Media. In addition, we hope to offer courses that concentrate on the theoretical knowledge behind social media, viral marketing etc. In the Management Department, I am thinking of offering new courses targeted to the aspiring Management Consultant. Some of these involve computer skills for project management and project design. As a Marketing academic I am aware of the importance of meeting consumers’ needs and having satisfied customers. I do hope that these new developments in the Marketing and Management fields will be as exciting to the students as they are to our faculty.  This relates to my other two goals which are to strive for teaching excellence, and to maintain an open communication channel between the students, myself, and other faculty members in these departments. These are long-term goals which both departments are planning to implement through the next few years. I do hope that some of these changes will already be apparent as soon as the next academic year.

My business expertise and consulting activities are in the areas of marketing strategy and management, branding strategy, consumer psychology, and the psychology of decision-making. My current research is within Consumer Behavior and more specifically in Human Judgment and Behavioral Decision Making. My main area of research investigates how consumers use and rely on their feelings and emotions when making a product choice or a purchase decision. My numerous scientific articles are widely cited and have appeared in many leading academic journals in marketing, management, and psychology, including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Advances in Consumer Research.

I am on the review board of the Journal of Consumer Research and serve as a peer reviewer on several top academic journals.



Spotlight on the Newest Sy Syms Administrator, Ms. Debra Pine

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

Debra Pine joined the Sy Syms School of Business in January as the Associate Director of Academic and Career Advising.  Before coming to Yeshiva University, Ms. Pine spent many years working on Wall Street.  Her various positions included trading Municipal bonds at First Boston (now Credit Suisse), CAO of Fixed Income Technology and Analyitcs at Lehman Brothers and most recently as a Project Manager in Global Technology at Barclays.

Ms. Pine holds an MBA from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Barnard College.  She has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Moriah School in Englewood, NJ since 2004 and currently co-chairs the Education Committee.  She is a member of Congregation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck, NJ and a former member of the Teaneck Board of Adjustment.

Ms. Pine is looking forward to getting to know the Syms students and helping them explore their academic opportunities here at Yeshiva and career possibilities beyond!



Reflections on a Business Internship, by Danielle Chustckie

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

Sy Syms School of Business does a great job teaching its students about the academic aspects of the business world. However, to gain unique insight into this world requires hands- on business experience. One such way of doing this is taking advantage of the opportunity to receive elective credits by getting an internship. This summer I used this opportunity and interned for TRAFFIQ, a digital- media company.

TRAFFIQ is located in New York City and can be divided into three divisions. Firstly, they service Third Party companies that are referred to them through other agencies. TRAFFIQ specializes in local advertising with numerous fields some of which are automotive companies, hospitals, beauty products, and schools. The second part of TRAFFIQ is their TRAFFIQ Trading Desk (TTD) where clients bid for advertising space. Lastly, TRAFFIQ is an agency of record (AOR) for Sleepy’s and 1800 Mattress and manages the client’s entire digital effort. This includes, planning, buying and monitoring all their online advertising.

I interned for TRAFFIQ from the end of May to the middle of August. For the first 2 weeks, my responsibilities were minimal since I was completely new to the digital-media world and the tasks of a Media Planner. I attended a lot of meetings and was given one on one time with my supervisors to ask questions and learn more about the job of a Media Planner. Additionally, I constantly researched different terms and acronyms and went on media news websites to learn more about the industry. Slowly but surely, as my knowledge of the industry progressively increased, so too did my tasks.

One of the more meaningful projects I worked on this summer was creating a digital trend PowerPoint that a Senior Media Planner presented to an important client. I filled the PowerPoint with statistics and information on yearly and quarterly digital spending and the rising affect it is having in advertising. I created slides about offline and online advertising and the spending trends of emerging media. The research, organization, and synthesis of this presentation gave me insight and taught me how to use PowerPoint in a more sophisticated way.

Another opportunity TRAFFIQ provided me with was they sent me to the New York Google office in order to be trained in the most modern aspects of digital media such as DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers) and Media Visor. A few days after the training, I assisted TRAFFIQ’s Media Planners in inputting the campaigns into Media Visor and DFA. This is an experience that is irreplaceable and I will be able to use throughout my future endeavors.

My internship at TRAFFIQ provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and gain a tremendous amount about the media industry. I gained much experience by being surrounded by veteran Media Planners and a staff which I was always engaged with. In addition, it allowed me to network and form connections both internally at TRAFFIQ as well as many other high-ranking individuals from well-known companies such Google. I learned the importance and value of developing organizational and leadership skills. Furthermore, I will be able to use the tools that I learned in TRAFFIQ in any internship or job. Most importantly though, I am grateful I was chosen to intern at TRAFFIQ because they offered real time business experience, leaving me with a true taste of the digital media market and the career of a Media Planner. This is something you can’t get in any classroom and is why I strongly recommend every student to get an internship in any area of interest. You won’t know if it truly does interest you unless you do.


A Few Words from the SYMSSC Presidents

April 24th, 2013 by jostrow1

Our names are Ariela Geller and Jesse Nathanson and we have the great opportunity to be the presidents of the Sy Syms Student Council (SYMSSC) on the Beren and Wilf campuses. We are so honored to be able to represent Sy Syms because it is such a unique place that we strongly believe in. It creates an environment that is very homie for the students and along with the faculty; we truly feel we form a family. The smaller classes allow for students to become good friends and build a relationship with their professors. Although, we have two different councils on each campus, we function as one. The deans make sure to spend equal time on each campus and even teach various classes. This allows the unique experience of students even forming strong relationships with the deans! No where else can you just walk into the offices of the deans’ and discuss an issue or idea with them. The SYMSSC works closely with the deans because we share a common mission and work together to accomplish it.

This year we set various goals for our councils and our thirteen clubs. Since we are in the business school, people look to us to set a professional tone. We strived to be more professional in our daily activities and events to show the outside that we are an elite business school. When we reflect on our work this past semester, we feel that this semester was extremely successful. Our clubs were eager to start planning early on for their events and along with their tremendous effort it allowed for the events to be well attended and exciting. In addition, we have so many amazing departments on our campuses. One of which is the Career Center, which provided us with tools and support. They helped us reach out to speakers and alumni, which led to stronger events.

Due to the goals we set, we’ve had many exciting events this past semester. When planning the events for the semester, we try to have a wide range of events that cater to a variety of students and majors. Along with the deans and faculty at Sy Syms, we were involved with running an event under the “Leading with Meaning” program where 250 students and alumni gathered at PwC to hear from a panel of Jon Medved and other Israeli entrepreneurs about being an innovative business leader in Israel and how they got there. Students were able to ask questions to the panelist and gain insight about the innovative future of Israel. This event was very close to our heart because Yeshiva University has the mindset of “Torah U’Madah” and this event was a prime example of taking what we learn in both our secular and business courses and bringing it to life.

Students had the unique opportunity to hear from the Consulate General of Mexico to learn about the economy and business ventures there. Our events are filled with a room of intrigued students and Sy Syms faculty.

In addition to the events that are run on and off campus, our clubs participate in the site visit program. Each club coordinates a visit to a company that will help the students learn more about those industries that goes beyond what they learned in the classroom. The Sports Management club organized a site visit at Madison Square Garden. The Fashion Marketing club went to Kenneth Cole. Lastly, for the many accounting students, they went to Ernst and Young to hear from the professionals working there. The students are given a tour of the office and are then able to ask questions about that field. In some cases, students were able to attain internships due to the site visits. Each one of these site visits were attended by many students. This program is so unique because it allows students to take what they learn in the classroom and from events and apply it to the real world.

Although our main focus is on planning events that apply to the Sy Syms students, we also work with the other student councils to plan university wide events. There are two other female councils and three other male ones. We each have a different vision and mission, but we come together to plan events that match the goals of Yeshiva University. One our largest events was the Chanukah Concert that was sold out. The room was packed to see Edon Pinchot, the teenager from America’s Got Talent, and Shalsheles. We could not have asked for a more successful night. In addition, we may plan smaller events where we only pair up with one or two of the other councils. One of those events that was co-sponsored by the Career Center as well, allowed for students to hear from professionals in various industries about being Orthodox in an unorthodox workplace. This is was an event that applied to all the student body because we will all face the challenge of being Jewish in the real world at some point in our career and this event provided students with the tools to deal with this challenge. Planning these events have been a special learning experience because all the councils have a different mission, but we’re able to come together and plan an exciting event. It allows to us to learn about how to work and deal with other people and opinions. It is always a lot of fun when all the councils come together and plan amazing events for the student body!

We are in the process of planning our largest event of the year right now. On April 23rd at the Jewish Heritage Museum we will host our annual Gala and Awards Dinner. The dinner is a student awards ceremony to recognize the top SYMS students and celebrate the year with a delicious dinner, amazing entertainment and a terrific chance to network. This year the Sy Syms School of Business is adding a new addition to the night by awarding Mort Zuckerman with the 1st annual Humanitarian Award. We hope to see every Sy Syms student at the dinner this year – it should be a blast!

Being part of the SYMSSC has been a great experience for us. We are able to work for something that we are so passionate about. We feel that we have made Sy Syms a stronger school along with the work of the deans and faculty. A few years ago there was talk about us closing, but now there is no question about where Sy Syms is going. We are back and better than ever!