On Monday, December 3rd, the online course on rabbinic marriage counseling came together for the first of two Yemei Iyun. Participating rabbis from around the country came together at Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus, as part of the year long course.

The morning was dedicated to reviewing essential aspects of dealing with questions of family purity.  Rabbis worked with 4 Roshei Yeshiva, learning from them, and appreciating the nuanced differences in their approach to various questions. The afternoon was dedicated to issues of abuse, and featured a presentation by Dr. Lisa Twerski, and a role-playing workshop enhanced by the participation of professional actors.

The packed day provided an opportunity for the group to explore issues that go beyond the weekly webinar sessions. It also allowed the group of colleagues to be with one another, and to form valuable relationships with Roshei Yeshiva. Beyond the appreciation of participants, the Roshei Yeshiva and other professionals were impressed with the dedication and capacity of the rabbis, whom they partner with in serving the needs of the community.


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