Stern Learn Program 2.3.13 010Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) launched a new Women’s Beit Midrash Program on February 5 at Stern College for Women’s Israel Henry Beren campus in Manhattan for participants of all ages.

The six-week program, developed in conjunction with the University’s Office of Alumni Affairs and New Jersey and Long Island Regional offices, features Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, University Professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought and senior scholar of the CJF, and Yeshiva College Jewish Studies faculty member Rabbi Hayyim Angel.

“At Yeshiva, we seek to not only provide our students with a rich and meaningful education, but to make that knowledge available to the broader community and the world at large,” said Yeshiva University President Richard M. Joel. “The new Women’s Beit Midrash Program promises to accomplish just that by giving participants prime and personal access to some of our foremost scholars and the opportunity to experience Yeshiva firsthand.”

Titled “The Contemporary Significance of the State of Israel and Jerusalem,” Rabbi Schacter’s weekly class examines the contemporary theological significance of the State of Israel, taking into account the miracle of its establishment and the challenges it continues to face for its very survival.

Rabbi Angel’s class, “The Torah: Morals, Mefarshim, and Mesopotamia,” applies a modern understanding of the ancient Near East to discover new layers of meaning in passages from the Torah and traditional commentaries.

“As the CJF’s direct response to feedback received from lay leaders at the annual ChampionsGate conference, this new program will create unique educational opportunities for Jewish women across the tri-state area by presenting them with an opportunity to take full advantage of the resources of Yeshiva University,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, the David Mitzner Dean of the CJF. “This joint effort with the University’s alumni and regional offices will give participants a spiritually fulfilling and intellectually satisfying experience and will continue to strengthen the ties between Yeshiva University and the greater Jewish community.”

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