• Designer Tommy Hilfiger visits YU and encourages students to reconsider the most common clothing choice seen on the Wilf Campus: khakis with a polo and zip-up hoody.
  • In light of last year’s Arab Spring, YU male students have taken to the streets demanding the Israel Henry Beren Campus be relocated 150 blocks north.
  • YUToday launches new section entitled “World’s Most Beautiful Rabbi.” Rabbi JJ Schacter considered shoo-in.
  • U.S. News and World Report ranks YU #1 in Shabbos observance.
  • YU Connects pressures President Joel to end its leading competitor, the intercampus shuttle.
  • Students storm Tenzer Gardens as part of “Occupy YU,” demand better bedding and shower pressure.
  • Architectural Digest recognizes YU for best use of scaffolding as a permanent design element.
  • Office of Student Life will scout entrants for “Dancing with the Stars” at campus Purim chagigot.
  • Admissions Office pairs up with Alumni Affairs’ ‘Toddler Tuesdays’ Facebook campaign to begin extended YU tuition payment plan in preparation for expected 2031 tuition prices.
  • Steve Jobs leaves large sum of money to YU in his will, requesting only that YU campuses be painted white.

Have a happy Purim
The Office of Alumni Affairs!


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