Matthew SchwartzBefore he became the Associate Director of Operations in the Office of Admissions at Yeshiva University—his current position—Matthew Schwartz ’04YUHS, ’11YC, spent a year (2011-2012) working in Admissions as a Presidential Fellow, where he gained valuable insight into the nature of both admissions work and organizational structure of a university, as well as professional experience.

Prior to his professional career at YU, however, he spent some time serving in a slightly different organization: as a commander in the Givati Infantry Bridge of the Israeli army, it’s fair to say Schwartz learned a little about teamwork and leadership in a pretty unique setting well before he was hired fulltime to work at YU.

Schwartz grew up in Brooklyn, and studied at MTA High School and Yeshivat Har Etzion before serving in the IDF. He is an integral part of the University’s mission, and you can learn a little more about him, below.


  1.      What did you do before you joined YU as a staff member?

I graduated YU in June 2011, and spent a year in the Admissions Office as a member of the prestigious YU Presidential Fellowship Program.


  1.      What is your favorite aspect of your job at YU?

My favorite aspect is the network of colleagues I collaborate with from across YU’s many departments. These individuals have taught me so much about professionalism and commitment, and it’s these strong partnerships that facilitate the success of inter-departmental projects.


  1.      What profession did you think you would one day hold when you were a child?

In fifth grade, I wrote an essay about being a garbage truck driver because I thought it would be fun to drive a truck all day while getting exercise.  At one point I remember watching the Coca Cola documentary, and becoming obsessed with the company culture.


  1.      What is your goal as the Associate Director of Operations of Yeshiva University’s Undergraduate Admissions Office?

My constant goal is to ensure the office remains maximally efficient. Broadly, this means making sure our technology, structure, and processes optimize our resources and drive strategic, data-driven, and effective recruitment.


  1.      What would your colleagues be surprised to learn about you? (ie, you can unpeel a banana with your toes or you are the reigning king of karaoke – basically a fun and interesting fact about yourself)

They would definitely be surprised to learn that I am an amazing hand-whistler. Actually, they might already know that. There’s probably nothing they’d be surprised to learn about me, since my team is comprised of people who I consider to be friends as well as colleagues. I’ll let them be the first to tell you what an incredible listener I am.


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