The upcoming holidays of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving both celebrate “the family,” especially all of those ancestral legacies that help make us who we are.

At Yeshiva University, we consider everyone who has ever passed through the University’s doors to be part of a worldwide family, and over the past few weeks, we have been gathering family histories of people who have attended YU for at least three generations.

Such as Andrea Kaplan Lieberman. Her graduation in 1969 from Stern College for Women was part of a long family tradition of YU graduations. Her father, Rabbi Philip Kaplan, went to the high school, Yeshiva College and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in the 1930s and 1940s, rounding things off with a graduate degree from Ferkauf School of Psychology in 1960.  She met her husband, Michael Lieberman, at YU, and their two daughters, Shira and Shelly, attended Stern College in the 1990s.

LiebermanAnd we haven’t even gotten to her brother and father-in-law as well as her husband’s sister and the sister’s husband and all their children and the nieces and nephews and cousins.  It’s quite a long lineage, and as she said, “YU gave us all a good education and a good basis for the rest of our lives.”

Or take the Cohen family of Stamford, Connecticut, who in 2014 hit a three-generation milestone. Stern graduate Sara Malka Cohen ’14S was joined by her father, Rabbi Daniel Cohen ’89YC, ’94R, ’96A, who was celebrating his 25th reunion, and her grandfather, Rabbi Herbert Cohen ’64YC, ’70F, ’70R who traveled from Israel to mark his 50th reunion.

Cohn's smallest“YU has always been part of our family,” said Rabbi Daniel Cohen, “and we are committed to ensuring the continuity and the perpetuity of multiple generations for YU.”

We want to get your YU family story, so please email a brief run-down of YU graduates and any photos you have to to be featured in our Facebook #WeAreYUFamily series! Tomorrow is the last day for submissions!


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