Ezra KapetanskyEzra Kapetansky, ’16S, is the Nefesh B’Nefesh Young Professionals Advisor based in Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future, guiding students and young alumni with their short-term or long-term Aliyah planning.

Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Ezra attended Ida Crown Jewish Academy high school followed by a year in Yeshivat Torat Shraga in Israel. He graduated Sy Syms School of Business in 2016 with a Bachelors in Accounting. While in YU, Ezra was active in TAMID, an apolitical business development organization on 35+ college campuses around the US whose goal is to engage students with the Israeli economy through education, pro-bono consulting, and stock investment. Ezra co-founded a TAMID Group chapter at YU and was the regional director of TAMID Group in NYC. He was also a head resident advisor and a member of the YU wrestling team.

  1. What profession did you think you would hold when you were a YU undergrad and deciding on a major?

From the start, I knew I wanted to study in Sy Syms. I had always found business attractive and creative in its own unique way. Accounting was especially interesting as I wanted to learn how money flows through a company, how it’s tracked, how it’s analyzed, and how insights are drawn. I soon shifted away from pursuing the CPA track and decided to focus on following my passions: interacting with people, professional development and networking, and Israel. I never fully understood what teachers and Rabbis meant when they described the privilege of becoming compensated for doing what they’re passionate about — until I found myself at Nefesh B’Nefesh.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of your job at Nefesh B’Nefesh and the fact that is based at YU?

I enjoy the opportunity to meet with students and alumni formally in my office (Furst Hall 422) and informally outside in the YU lounges, or at a Shabbat table. Some people like to engage on a philosophical level about the importance of Aliyah to Israel and others want to know how to find a job or how to book their Aliyah flight. What better place to house the new NBN office than at the campus with the most alumni who’ve made Aliyah! It’s unique that I am also in the Aliyah process. My goal, as a recent YU student and a future Oleh who is currently experiencing similar challenges, is to better relate to the needs and sensitivities of those who are interested in Aliyah and provide them with direction.

  1. What role does Nefesh B’Nefesh play on campus for students and alumni?

My office is open to any student or young professional who would like to meet one-on-one about Aliyah with regards to employment, benefits, military service, etc. You can set up a time by emailing me at ezra@nbn.org.il or calling me at 917-596-1177. In addition, we host programming and events in and around YU ranging from informational sessions about careers to social events with Aliyah-minded peers. Save the date! Our largest ever Israel Mega Event is coming up on Sunday, February 26, at John Jay College with many sessions designed to address the interests and needs of young professionals, as well as a dinner and stand-up comedy with Elon Gold.

  1. What would your colleagues be surprised to learn about you?

I ran a sushi business for 4 years and I went to circus camp for 2 years.


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