Rivka Alter:

Rivka Alter, originally of New Jersey, graduated from Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business in 1995 and completed her Master’s degree in Secondary Jewish Education in 1998 at Azrieli. She is now working on her dissertation, which focuses on problem based learning and its application as part of a Tanach high school curriculum, toward obtaining her EdD from Azrieli.

“I attended Azrieli since I wanted to be prepared to teach Tanach on a high school level,” said Alter. “I knew that I could gain that understanding from my teachers and my fellow students at Azrieli, and I felt that no secular educational program could prepare me for the unique job of teaching in a Jewish day school.”

At Azrieli, Alter cited both Dr. David Eliach and Rabbi Dr. Chaim Feuerman, the Golda Koschitzky Chair in Jewish Education and Chair of the Mendheim Student Teaching and Administrative Internship Program, as teachers who exacted high standards for excellence while she was working to obtain her Master’s. She found inspiration in Dr. Jeffrey Glanz, the Raine and Stanley Silverstein Chair in Professional Ethics and Values, Dr. Shani Bechhofer, and Dr. David Pelcovitz, the Gwendolyn & Joseph Straus Chair in Jewish Education, now, as she worked toward her doctorate. “Along the way, Dr. Scott Goldberg, Director of the YU School Partnership, has been extremely supportive throughout my coursework at all levels,” she said.

Alter lives in Denver now, where she serves as an instructor in Tanach at the Denver Academy of Torah’s middle and high schools. Previously, she served as the school’s acting head of Judaic Studies.

“Teaching has evolved into a huge commitment each year and I am devoted to constantly growing in the field and adopting best practices,” she explained. “Also, the use of technology has become such an integral part of the teaching profession, when used correctly, and I spend time trying to incorporate it into my units and become familiar with the best tools to use.”


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