Jeffrey Shulman (Georgetown University Law Center) has posted The Siren Song of History: Originalism and the Religion Clauses (Journal of Law and Religion, Vol. 27, p. 101, 2011) on SSRN. From the abstract:

  • This essay reviews the following works:
    The Forgotten Founders on Religion and Public Life. Edited by Daniel L. Dreisbach, Mark David Hall and Jeffrey H. Morrison. Foreword by Mark A. Noll. University of Notre Dame Press 2009.

    Church, State, and Original Intent. By Donald L. Drakeman. Cambridge University Press 2010. Pp. 371.

    God and the Founders: Madison, Washington, and Jefferson. By Vincent Phillip Muñoz. Cambridge University Press 2009. Pp. 242. ISBN: 0-521-51515-7.


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