Dr. Joy Ladin, the David and Ruth Gottesman Professor of English at Stern College for Women, recently published Transmigration: Poems (Sheep Meadow Press, Fall 2009). She has also published a number of poems and other pieces, including: “The God Thing” in Prairie Schooner, 83.4 (Winter 2009): 55-7; “The Velveteen Woman” in Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Vol 31, Nos. 1 & 2: 316-44; “The Other Side of the Wall” in Moment, January/February 2010; “Meeting Her Maker: Emily Dickinson’s God” reprinted in the “Sample Academic Essays” section of The Essentials of Academic Writing, Second Edition by Derek Soles, Wadsworth Cengage, 2010; “`What I Assume You Shall Assume’: Democracy, Walt Whitman’s First “Leaves Of Grass” and the Future of American Poetry” in The Poetry of Walt Whitman: New Critical Perspectives, Ed. Kanwar Dinesh Singh, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, 2009, 14-31; “Intake Interview” in AJN, American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 109, issue 7 (July 2009): 72; “Somewhere Between Male and Female,” “Losing Your Breasts,” “9th and 2nd,” “And Sometimes the Death” and “New Year, New Body” in American Poetry Review, 38.6 (November/December 2009): 38-9; “The Poet on the Poem: `New Year, New Body’” in American Poetry Review, 38.6 (November/December 2009): 38-9; “Writing You” in Picayune Literary Review, 2009: 37; “Respiration,” “And Sometimes the Death,” “Hotel Room,” “Feeding the Corpse,” “Miss Death” and “Post Mortem” in BAP Quarterly, Vol. 4, number 10 (Winter 2009); “Build a Better Salad” in Two Hawks Quarterly, 2.2 (Winter 2009); “The Siren in the Mirror” in FutureCycle, 4 (November 2009): 40-1; “Secrets” in Fringe, July 30, 2009; “Somewhere Between Male and Female,” “When You Leave Your Children” and “The Soul at 14th and 2nd” in A Bintel Blog, The Forward, October 2, 2009 and “Apotheosis” in Mima’amakim, 8 (2009): 15-16.


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