Dr. Lee Manion, assistant professor of English at Stern College for Women, recently published “The Loss of the Holy Land and Sir Isumbras: Literary Contributions to Fourteenth-Century Crusade Discourse,” Speculum 85.1 (January 2010): 65-90. His essay “Sovereign Recognition: Contesting Political Claims in the Alliterative Morte Arthure and The Awntyrs of Arthure” will be forthcoming in January 2012 in Law and Sovereignty in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, ed. Robert Sturges. Dr. Manion recently presented a paper entitled “Courts at War: Anglo-Scottish Politics and ‘Maistri’ in Barbour’s The Bruce and Golagros and Gawane” at the Modern Language Association Conference in Philadelphia (2009), and will present a paper entitled “Chaucer and Italian Matter in Scotland: The Tale of Melibee, Humanist Rhetoric, and Political Thought in John Ireland’s Meroure of Wysdome” at the Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Siena, Italy in July 2010.


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