A recent law review article in the University of La Verne Law Review authored by Wurzweiler School of Social Work’s Professor Daniel Pollack and Arizona attorney Gary L. Popham, Jr. illustrates the severity of cases involving wrongful death of foster children (University of La Verne Law Review, Volume 31:1). The article – “Wrongful Death of Children in Foster Care” – featured on the American Bar Association’s Children Litigation Web site, is a survey of wrongful death cases in various states involving the death of children in foster care and the challenges faced when bringing such claims.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that an estimated 1,460 children died from abuse or neglect during the fiscal year 2005. While the goal of foster care is to “provide a stable, nurturing, and non-institutionalized environment” for children who have been removed from their biological parents, the foster care system has is not easy to monitor. Sadly, 60 percent of children who enter foster care do so as a result of abuse or neglect from their biological parents. For some of these children, the abuse and neglect only continues.

For a copy of the article please contact Professor Pollack at dpollack@yu.edu.



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