Daniel Laufer, associate professor of marketing at Sy Syms School of Business, recently published an article in the current issue of the AACSB publication BizEd (Sept/Oct 2010) about the importance of Crisis Management Courses in Business Schools (“Charting a Course Through Crisis”). The AACSB is the premier accrediting agency of collegiate business schools and accounting programs worldwide.

Laufer’s article strongly recommends that business schools consider offering crisis management courses and he describes how these courses can be offered at the executive, MBA and undergraduate levels. Laufer has previously taught crisis management courses at prestigious international universities and is scheduled to teach a course on the topic in the future at YU. Laufer, a crisis management expert, has published a number of articles on the topic based on his research in the United States and overseas and has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and CNN on crises that range from the Toyota recall and Hurricane Katrina to consumer reactions and mad cow disease.

In his article Laufer states that “when an organization’s survival is at stake, the executive team’s crisis management skills can determine whether or not it pulls through. Unfortunately, business schools have been slow to offer courses that will teach upcoming managers how to respond in times of trouble.” He also suggests that “students who understand how to weather a range of crises will prove to be valuable resources to the companies that hire them after they graduate.”


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