The NYC AOD Consortium held its first meeting of the fall 2010 semester on Friday, October 15, at The New York Institute of Technology. The topic, “Research Trends in Substance Use & Implications for Treatment of College Students” was paneled by Efrem Nulman, PhD, director of Wellness & Health Education at Yeshiva University. Nulman focused on evidence-based approaches useful in distinguishing traditional and more recent ways of preventing and treating substance users, including harm reduction, substitution treatment, motivational interviewing and the notion of utilizing the “problem” substance or variations to minimize abuse.

Nulman earned both his master’s and doctoral degrees from Yeshiva University, and has treated, taught and trained people in substance use at a variety of graduate and medical schools. He also serves as a consultant to various foundations and organizations regarding substance use. In addition to treating substance users at YU, one of his great joys is serving as a consultant on substance-use matters for a range of musicians and classic rockers!


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