Chazzan (Cantor) Sherwood Goffin, professor of cantorial training at YU’s Belz School of Jewish Music, has recorded a new mp3 titled “Favorite Synagogue Nigunim”, which presents the complete guide for the congregational melodies of the Shalosh Regalim [Three Jewish Festival]. The recording  provides multiple versions of appropriate, effective classical and contemporary niggunim [tunes] for the Kedushot, Hallel, Hoshanot, Tal, Geshem and Chanukah, and features fifty-five different melodies for the holiday prayers. This mp3 program, presented in 165 files, is intended to enhance the prayers of these holidays. A pdf manual of explanations, guidelines and sources is included.

“Favorite Synagogue Nigunim” is available at local Judaica stores that carry Davka computer products or can be ordered at Also available is Chazzan Goffin’s 2008 release, “Be a Baal Tefilla”, based on the beautiful curriculum of the Belz School. This program features a melodic, “baal tefillah” style of davening that is true to dikduk and the nusach minhag that has been handed down for generations. Both mp3s are offered at a discount for YU faculty members.


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