Rabbi J. David Bleich, the Herbert and Florence Tenzer Professor of Jewish Law and Ethics, has authored a fourth volume of the Hebrew-language work Be-Netivot Ha-Halakhah (Yeshiva University Press). This series is devoted to an analysis of theoretical subjects, as well as to the application of Halakhah to contemporary issues and problems.

A wide variety of topics is included in this work: One section of the volume deals with a series of issues pertaining to kosher slaughter and the dietary code; a second section focuses upon matters of jurisprudence, as well as the duty of rescue and recovery of expenses incurred in fulfilling that obligation. Another chapter is devoted to a discussion of halakhically optimal methods of constructing a mikveh, while others analyze aspects of Chanukah, Pesach, and the recitation of Hallel.

This volume also includes a comprehensive index to all the volumes of the series.


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