Drs. Jeffrey H. Weisburg, Alyssa G. Schuck, Harvey Babich and Harriet L. Zuckerbraun, at Stern College for Women’s department of biology, have jointly published an abstract titled “Pomegranate Extract, a Prooxidant with Antiproliferative and Proapoptotic Activities Preferentially Towards Carcinoma Cells” in the journal Anticancer Agents In Medicinal Chemistry (Dec. 24, 2010). The team was aided by current Stern College students Malki Silverman, Channa Gila Ovits-Levy and recent Stern College graduate, Loriel Solodokin.

The work studied how the antiproliferative and proapoptocic effects of pomegranate extract (PE) correlated with its prooxidant activity and showed that PE attacked cancer cells more readily than isolated human cells. PE’s antiproliferative properties were induced by oxidative stress, while the mode of cell death was apoptosis (self-induced cell death), which was caused by PE’s prooxidant nature.


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